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Niche Keyword Tool

The niche keyword tool is part of our niche generator. It helps you find profitable keywords to target.

Keyword Generator Tool

This tool generates a list of businesses & keywords based on a main keyword.

Keyword Search Volume Tool

This tool provides you with search volume data from major search engines for your chosen business or keyword phrase.

Email Generator Tool (Beta)

The email generator tool generates a list email addresses helping you market your business or niche business.

US Demographic Location Tool

US demographic data displays data based on any US city or town. A must have for any offline business owner!

Local Competition Tool (Find A Business)

Local competition will list your closest niche business competition based on your chosen business and geographic location.

Domain Name Checker

A simple and extremely quick domain name checker for .com, .net, .org and .biz domain registrations. This will allow you to quickly check the keywords you find on this site for domain availability!

Directory Submission Tool

A semi-automatic directory submission tool. Another of my sites. A quicker way to get backlinks to your new site compared to doing it manually. You have to register again (sorry for that).

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